Prime - Switching to Nvidia creates Black Screen


I’m using Ubuntu 14.10.
When I’m swichting from intel to nvidia and log off there is a black screen.
After rebooting the black screen is still there.
I have to go to a terminal session and switch back to intel and reboot.

I’m using the xorg-edgers PPA.
Latest driver: 340.76
Graphiccard: GT 630M

The nvidia graphics worked about 2 months ago or something like this. I

Nvidia Bug Report

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (85.7 KB)

edit: Oh, you are using intel, either downgrade their driver, use “UXA” or opt to use modesetting driver.
I might look into SNA issue later and git bisect xf86-video-intel & report to chris willson (intel developer).

[   120.353] (EE) intel(G1): [drm] failed to set drm interface version: Permission denied [13].
[   120.353] (II) intel(G1): [drm] Contents of '/sys/kernel/debug/dri/0/clients':
[   120.353] (II) intel(G1): [drm] a dev	pid    uid	magic
[   120.354] (II) intel(G1): [drm] 
[   120.354] (II) intel(G1): [drm] y   0  2996     0          0
[   120.354] (II) intel(G1): [drm] y   0  2996     0          0
[   120.354] (EE) intel(G1): Failed to claim DRM device.

This is actually an X server bug triggered by the “prime” configuration used here. I sent a pair of patches to the mailing list to fix it, but they’re still awaiting review.

I believe I’m having a similar (if not the same) problem here.
Kubuntu 15.04, nvidia-346-updates. Black screen when trying to start X after prime-selecting nvidia, otherwise it works fine with prime-select intel.
Can you confirm if this is the same issue? And if it IS, do you have an update on your patches?

I would post my nvidia-bugreport here if I knew how to attach files.
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (192 KB)

I am using MSI GS60 6QE.

First there are two problems to installing Ubuntu 14.04.04.

  1. kernel version does not support intel skylake CPU.
    To solve the first problem, I install linux-image-4.4.0-22.lowlatency and associated headers. You have to first go into text mode and use nomodeset kernel option to do so.

  2. Nvidia problem of black screen during login.
    As I wanted to use my MSI gaming laptop with for tensorflow, I install the cuda 7.5 and cuDNN v4. cuda 7.5 comes with nvidia-352 driver. Direct installation soon resulted into black screen during login.

To solve the problem, I start ubuntu in the new kernel 4.4 recovery mode and apt-get purge all xorg, xserver-xorg, purge lightdm.

Then install libcogl1 (for libcheese libcheese-gtk23 dependency)…

install cuda 7.5 which install xserver-xorg etc

install lightdm

Hope this will help those with the same issue.