[SOLVED] nvidia driver makes blurrier fonts than intel driver

I’ve noticed with the nvidia X driver fonts are sometimes not as sharp as with the intel driver.

I strongly prefer the font rendering of the intel driver, it’s bright, not muddy, white
and “sharper” edges.
How can I get the same font clarity with the nvidia driver?

If U are on Gnome, open on terminal gnome-tweak-tool and go 2 Fonts and try to adjust :
hinting: slight
edges: RGBA
scaling factor : dajust this until you get perfect fonts .

And you display is connected via VGA?

There should be no difference whatsoever if you have a digital connection.

It’s a laptop panel, so it’s digital :)
I didn’t change anything else, only the drivers, for the comparison shot.

Interesting. It looks like the Intel driver is properly gamma-correcting the antialiasing while the nvidia driver is not.

The “Enable FXAA” Option in the nvidia control panel was responsible for this. Turned it off, fonts are now much better.

+1 on disabling FXAA to remedy font blurring.