Sony Vaio FZ Series with GeForce 8400M Why my device is not found?

I’m running on Windows Vista 32-bit, and on my DirectX Diagnostic test it says that my GPU is GeForce 8400M GT ( It says that it’s one of the device that is CUDA-enabled product ( I installed everything, and I tried to run the from the CUDA wizard on Visual Studio C++ Express 2005 ( I copied the cutil32D.dll, and I run it in the Debug mode. Here’s what I got:

There is no device.
Press any key to continue . . .

Any ideas? Thanks a lot!

May be a problem with the driver.

Ensure that you have followed all the steps given below

1 ->
2 -> download latest driver for your OS.
3 -> download toolkit for you OS.
4 -> download SDK for you OS.
5 -> Install Driver
6 -> Install toolkit
7 -> Install SDK.

Now go to SDK folder -> browse to “bin\win32\Release”

Run the following -> deviceQuery.exe

Check the output, it should be “There is 1 device supporting CUDA”


I tried to run the deviceQuery.exe

it says:

There’s no device supporting CUDA


Press ENTER to exit…

did you install a newer driver?

You may copy paste the driver details from the nVidia control panel here.
Such as the forceware driver version.

Got it! Thanks!

Download the latest driver here:…amp;SelectOS=28