SPI Display for Live Video Function: Max Clock Speeds


I am working on my senior capstone project, and I am using the Jetson Nano for a portable system that requires a live video stream. The device is handheld, so my team selected a TFT 2.2 inch SPI Display from Adafruit as our live video output. The camera we are using is an 8MP Arducam. The display we are using can be found here:

Currently, using the SPI Bus 0, we are achieving about 6fps throughput for our stream live video function. The baudrate for the display is set at 15MHz, and in increasing the baudrate, we quickly lose the ability to stream video. The script we are executing is based on the SPI-Playground examples.

We were wondering if there are any Jetson Nano-specific SPI optimization libraries that would aid in increasing our framerate. We are aware that the display can reach higher SPI clocking speeds when using other microcontrollers, such as a Teensy. Is this a possibility for the Jetson Nano as well?

The problem is confusing. The problem is the camera frame rate or display frame rate have problem?

Sorry for the confusion! The SPI Display is the bottleneck and is the problem. Baudrate between the Jetson Nano and Display is 15Mhz.

For SPI speed you can modify the “spi-max-frequency” in the device tree to try.