Stack up and processor material support

Hello, we are using the Xavier NX module in an extended temperature environment. As part of our thermal simulations we would like to model the stack up of the module (layer count, copper weight of those layers, dielectric material, etc).
Also to simulate the temperature gradients across the processor chip itself, we were also wondering what material it is primarily composed of.


Xavier NX module PCB stackup:

  1. PCB Thinkness: 1.2mm, +/-0.12mm, 12-layer
  2. Copper Thickness: 33um-23um-23um-23um-23um-33um-33um-23um-23um-23um-23um-33um
  3. Dielectric Material: EM370(5) 1086 Prepreg

Thanks for the quick reply on the stack up information, its very much appreciated!
For the processor chip itself, could you provide the details of the materials used on it as well?


We don’t have this info provided. Thanks

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