Standalone Audio2Face addon for nonNvidia Blender?

As title says. I am wondering if there is standalone version of this addon that i can slap into other nonNvidia blender?

Hi there,

That’s not currently on the roadmap, but it’s something we could consider if there’s enough interest. One of the main reasons is that the base Blender’s USD Exporter is not as fully-featured as the Omniverse version. For example, Blendshapes / Shape Keys and UsdSkel / Armatures are supported in Omniverse, but not in base Blender currently.

Is there a reason you’re unable to use the Omniverse version of Blender in your workflow?

To be honest i am completely new to nvidias blender so i dont know differences between regular and nvidia ones. If you can tell me id appreciate it much.

But as long as nvidias version does not deviate much in terms of workflow i dont mind using it. I was more afraid of it being different significantly in certain situations from regular one.

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