Steam-For-Linux client not showing UI with 535.43.02-245

When running steam-for-linux on with my 2070 SUPER steam loads up normal. I can even play games by using the menu from the tray icon. But no window is showing up anywhere. No store. No library. Any ideas?

See this ticket.

Hi there @enti1 and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums.

If the games itself are running ok I doubt this is directly related to NVIDIA drivers. But there have been changes to how Steam renders the GUI itself.

I will check internally, but I can’t promise anything, especially since you seem to be using a Beta version of the Steam client.

One more thing @enti1, can you share your system specs, like CPU, Desktop vs Laptop, which version of Artix Linux, and if possible run and attach the output here.


Computer Information:
Model: PRIME X570-P
Form Factor: Desktop
No Touch Input Detected

Processor Information:
CPU Vendor: AuthenticAMD
CPU Brand: AMD Ryzen 7 3800X 8-Core Processor
CPU Family: 0x17
CPU Model: 0x71
CPU Stepping: 0x0
CPU Type: 0x0
Speed: 4558 Mhz
16 logical processors
8 physical processors
HyperThreading: Supported
FCMOV: Supported
SSE2: Supported
SSE3: Supported
SSSE3: Supported
SSE4a: Supported
SSE41: Supported
SSE42: Supported
AES: Supported
AVX: Supported
AVX2: Supported
AVX512F: Unsupported
AVX512PF: Unsupported
AVX512ER: Unsupported
AVX512CD: Unsupported
AVX512VNNI: Unsupported
SHA: Supported
CMPXCHG16B: Supported
LAHF/SAHF: Supported
PrefetchW: Unsupported

Operating System Version:
“Artix Linux” (64 bit)
Kernel Name: Linux
Kernel Version: 6.3.7-273-tkg-bmq
X Server Vendor: The X.Org Foundation
X Server Release: 12101008
X Window Manager: awesome
Steam Runtime Version: steam-runtime_0.20230118.0

Video Card:
Driver: NVIDIA Corporation NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER/PCIe/SSE2
Driver Version: 4.6.0 NVIDIA 535.43.02
OpenGL Version: 4.6
Desktop Color Depth: 24 bits per pixel
Monitor Refresh Rate: 60 Hz
VendorID: 0x10de
DeviceID: 0x1e84
Revision Not Detected
Number of Monitors: 1
Number of Logical Video Cards: 1
Primary Display Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Desktop Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Primary Display Size: 23.54" x 13.23" (26.97" diag)
59.8cm x 33.6cm (68.5cm diag)
Primary Bus: PCI Express 16x
Primary VRAM: 8192 MB
Supported MSAA Modes: 2x 4x 8x 16x

Sound card:
Audio device: Nvidia GPU 92 HDMI/DP

RAM: 32003 MB

VR Hardware:
VR Headset: None detected

UI Language: English
Total Hard Disk Space Available: 937278 MB
Largest Free Hard Disk Block: 547942 MB

Number of SSDs: 5
SSD sizes: 3000G,1000G,1000G,1000G,250G
Number of HDDs: 0

Since Artix is a rolling distro there isn’t really a version number attached to it.

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (5.6 MB)

So Steam works “normally” when I’m not on the beta branch with the 534.43 driver. But as soon as I switch to the “hardware accelerated” beta branch it stops working. That’s a very strong indication that the driver is to blame. Especially since the beta of steam works “fine” with the 530.41.03 driver.

Thank you!

Right, I am not familiar with Artix, but makes sense that it has no version number. Commit hash might be something (just kidding). What might matter is the kernel version and that is already listed above.

“Hardware accelerated” in this context means that Steam uses a built-in Chrome with GPU support to render the GUI as a Web-page. Which is known to have caused problems before.

I will pass on your info, thanks again for bringing this up!

A similar issue occurs on arch 535.43.03, No Steam GUI shows from their new web gui, the applet launches and games can still be launched.

Steam is visible with steam -vgui (the older ui but the friends list does not work)

The previous 530 drivers work with steam still however if you downgrade.

Issue is present on stable and beta versions of steam

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Hi All,
We have filed a bug 4158137 locally for tracking purpose.
However, I am not able to repro on Arch Linux having kernel 6.3.8-arch1-1 with driver 535.43.02 and GPU GeForce RTX 2070.
Can someone please share repro video for better understanding of issue.
Meanwhile I will try to find similar system and GPU and will retry for local repro.

Yesterday I upgraded my kernel to

Linux eNTi 6.3.9-273-tkg-bmq #1 SMP PREEMPT_DYNAMIC TKG Wed, 21 Jun 2023 19:41:06 +0000 x86_64 GNU/Linux

and my video drivers to

local/nvidia-dkms-tkg 530.41.03-247

and at least the new release client of steam is working. Haven’t tried the latest beta yet.

But there’s other issues, like random flickering (dual monitor issue?) and VEEERY long shader compiliation times in CSGO (with -vulkan). Is the shader cache not persistent between driver versions? I know… I should probably open another thread for that.

Your dmesg log is full of:

[  135.686779] traps: Composite Threa[6520] trap invalid opcode ip:7fc2e5fdb794 sp:7fc2cfa93820 error:0 in[7fc2e36ef000+7770000]
[  142.658093] traps: Composite Threa[6749] trap invalid opcode ip:7f8c189db794 sp:7f8c0603d820 error:0 in[7f8c160ef000+7770000]
[  153.837498] traps: Composite Threa[6986] trap invalid opcode ip:7f5b68bdb794 sp:7f5b52ea8820 error:0 in[7f5b662ef000+7770000]
[  171.528419] traps: Composite Threa[7249] trap invalid opcode ip:7f794a1db794 sp:7f79377d8820 error:0 in[7f79478ef000+7770000]
[  177.829807] traps: Composite Threa[7535] trap invalid opcode ip:7f261f7db794 sp:7f260cde3820 error:0 in[7f261ceef000+7770000]
[  189.124741] traps: Composite Threa[7815] trap invalid opcode ip:7f0d295db794 sp:7f0d1313f820 error:0 in[7f0d26cef000+7770000]
[  200.325277] traps: Composite Threa[8092] trap invalid opcode ip:7fc4f57db794 sp:7fc4e2ddc820 error:0 in[7fc4f2eef000+7770000]
[  206.850007] traps: Composite Threa[8384] trap invalid opcode ip:7f6deaddb794 sp:7f6dd83dc820 error:0 in[7f6de84ef000+7770000]

Which suggests that libcef (a Steam/Chromium component) is crashing on something.
This seems like it could be similar to steamwebhelper invalid opcode with Arch NVIDIA 535.54.03-1 driver · Issue #9634 · ValveSoftware/steam-for-linux · GitHub. Can you please attempt to obtain a stack trace for comparison?

Can you please try to run steam with -no-cef-sandbox argument to see if the problem goes away?
Thank you

Just in case, someone reported privately that setting __GL_THREADED_OPTIMIZATIONS=0 made the problem go away. Can anyone confirm?

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I’m on Arch Linux. Kernel is 6.3.9.arch1-1, Nvidia Driver version is 535.54.03-3.

Can confirm that setting __GL_THREADED_OPTIMIZATIONS=0 makes Steam launch as expected.

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Maybe this issue is connected to some other problem I observe: Google Chrome(114.0.5735.198) has no hardware acceleration anymore with nvidia 535.54.03

I hope this gives you an easier reproduction scenario.

Chrome log on chrome://gpu shows:

[8344:8344:0702/] : InitializeSandbox() called with multiple threads in process gpu-process.
GpuProcessHost: The GPU process crashed!

Console output of chrome shows:

[8519:1:0702/] GPU state invalid after WaitForGetOffsetInRange.
[8301:8301:0702/] GPU process exited unexpectedly: exit_code=133
[8372:1:0702/] ContextResult::kTransientFailure: Failed to send GpuControl.CreateCommandBuffer.
[8411:1:0702/] ContextResult::kTransientFailure: Failed to send GpuControl.CreateCommandBuffer.
[8301:8301:0702/] GPU process exited unexpectedly: exit_code=133
[8519:1:0702/] GPU state invalid after WaitForGetOffsetInRange.
[8519:1:0702/] Skia shader compilation error

Setting __GL_THREADED_OPTIMIZATIONS=0 does not help.

Rolling back to 530.41.03 and immediately hwaccel is back.
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (377.6 KB)

After several updates, I’m now on kernel 6.4.1-arch2-1, Nvidia Driver version is 535.54.03-6

I sadly need to update here:
Setting __GL_THREADED_OPTIMIZATIONS=0 sometimes makes Steam launch, but it might take several tries until it finally works.

I’m on the same version. Could not make steam open any window after several attempts even setting __GL_THREADED_OPTIMIZATIONS=0

I’m also having the same issue on Arch based EndeavourOS.

Hi All,
Please help to verify with driver 535.104.05 and share test results.

Hi All,
Please help to verify with driver 535.104.05 and share test results.

Hi All,
It would be great if someone flag it out if issue still persists on their systems.
I checked locally on multiple test systems with latest release driver and cannot see issue anymore.