535.54.03 Driver Regression with Steam's new Web GUI (530 Works)

The newest nvidia drivers do not play nicely with steams new UI, steam launches but coredumps and only the applet shows up.

This appears to be a regression because when downgrading to the 530 drivers steam UI launches and works just fine.

Using Archlinux with a 5800x and a 3080.

Can confirm and reproduce this issue. Valve also has an open issue, see link below. I’m running Nobara (Fedora), but also had issues on Void Linux (with X11).


DISTRO: Nobara 37 (Fedora 37)
DE: Gnome 43
CPU: AMD 5600X
GPU: RTX 2080 Super
DRIVER VERSION: nvidia-driver-3:535.54.03-1.fc37.x86_64

Other issues of noticed:
Monitor flickering black at top with dual monitors, especially running at high refresh rates (over 59hz)

@amrits are you guys tracking this

Seems to be some rare race condition or something then i guess?
im on 535.54.03 with RTX 3080 and Steam works without any issues for me.
have 2 1440p monitors with 165hz and 144hz and dont have any black flickering either

Distro: Arch Linux
Display Server: X11
CPU: AMD 5800X3D
GPU RTX 3080
Driver. 535.54.03

This is tracked as NVIDIA bug 4158137. As I commented in different places, so far it doesn’t seem like a NVIDIA driver bug - CEF is hitting an assert after failing to allocate memory.
But, there’s a different assertion failure in the steamwebhelper process, investigation in progress.

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