Ubuntu 20.04 + 470 driver + Steam Link = lots of flickering/blinking on the screen

I’ve finally gotten around to setting up SteamLink on my home server. Sadly, I can’t figure out a way to stop the screen flashing issue. I tried all the various settings options in Steam, I’ve tried different resolutions, etc. I have a dummy displayport adapter that I tried in place of the connected monitor but the same results occur.

Specs are: i7 10th generation, 64 GB RAM, Quadro P4000, and host server and files for Steam on a 2TB SSD.

Here’s the video of it flickering: Flashing Screen - YouTube

Thank you in advance for any thoughts on what I can do to solve this.

Steam in-house streaming often has an issue with hw encoding, did you already try to disable it in steam on your server?

Good morning,

I haven’t tried disabling the nVidia hardware acceleration tab. I figured that would be necessary to achieve proper gaming graphics vs. rending software?

Performance wise, hw encoding is a must but if it has issues, it doesn’t help.

BTW, doesn the blinking only occur in the steam gui or also in games?

Well that blows. Is this a nVidia driver issue or some other entity at fault?

AFAIK, it’s a steam issue.
OTOH, it might also suffice to disable flipping in nvidia-settings.

Apologies, didn’t see your followup until I got an email notification. I didn’t open a game to be honest. I’ll have to try that out later today. I just figured it was all botched.

@generix this is annoying. Launching nvidia-settings gets me “Error: unable to load info from any available system” and the GUI just has a small gray blank space. Arrrrgh.

Sounds like you might be running on Wayland/XWayland instead of Xorg. Please run nvidia-bug-report.sh as root and attach the resulting nvidia-bug-report.log.gz file to your post.

LOL somehow on reboot the 510 driver didn’t load after I installed it to test as well. Went back to the opensource junk and I didn’t realize it.

I disabled “allow flipping.” Curiously, mind educating me on what this change does?

Image buffer flipping instead of blitting (exchanging buffers instead of copying) is usually used for better gaming performance and/or gsync but this often interferes with screen capturing (which is used for steam in-house streaming, obviously).

To be honest, I wish I could add this to to play with my GeForce Now account on my Shield vs. using Steam’s app. Seems Linux ain’t going to get such functionality love like Windows.