Screen Tearing for Steam

I just want to give feedback for Nvidia driver especially for version 455 that there is a screen tearing problem if I use multiple monitor settings when I played native Steam games (Xcom, civilization VI etc) on Linux ubuntu 20.10 (Groovy Gorilla). My primary monitor use resolution 1920x1080 and the other two monitors resolution are 3840x2160 (But, I downsize it to 1920x1080). So, I suspect the screen tearing is happening because of the GPU driver 4.55 or the kernel itself because the problem affects multiple games from different developers and on Windows 10 the problem is not happening. Is it a bug from the driver?

Most of my tearing issues have had to do with the window manager’s software-based compositing (in particular on Mint/MATE).

The problem happened when I am using standard Ubuntu 20.10 with GNOME and the problem existed with Manjaro GNOME as well. The strange thing is: when I remove the cable of the two monitors (all of them have 3840x2160) and I tested the game in single monitor setting (1920x1080). it works fine and I compare it with Windows 10 in multiple monitor settings. This kind of problem does not exist. So, I suspect this is related to the driver or the ubuntu itself. Any Ideas?
Please advise. thanks

Games should run unredirected so the compositing manager doesn’t have any influence on that.
Please check if vsync is set in the game’s options. Multi-monitor vsync has always been an issue, especially if the refresh rates differ. Please try using the __GL_SYNC_DISPLAY_DEVICE variable to specify the monitor to sync to.


Thanks for your reply and here are my results:

  1. I am trying to disable the VSYNC within the game and it does not work

  2. You mentioned about refresh rate, For second and third monitors (3840x2160) refresh rate, I can only adjust it to 60.00 hz and the primary monitor (1920x1080) the option only available in 60.01 hz. Besides, the option to force all of the monitors to get same refresh rate are unavailable and this one does not work either. is 0,01 differences matters quite a lot?

  3. I am trying to post more than one screenshots. but, it seems that my status as a new user has a limitation in this forum

Please advise.

Vsync needs to be on for a tear-free display. The minimum difference in refresh rate shouldn’t have that much effect.
How many fps are reported in the steam overlay fps counter?
Please post the output of

Forgot to ask: are you running the games fullscreen across all monitors or just on one monitor, to have the desktop on the other two?

Thanks for your reply and here are my answers:

  1. I want the game screen run in one monitor and only the steam app alone displayed on different display
  2. I activated the VSYNC and it does not work
  3. The xrandr output is quite long and messy. So, I send the screenshot instead
    4.The steam overlay fps counter said 60 fps and sometimes change to 59 and also to 1. So, it is not fixed result
    What do you think? and please advise

Looks like you’re using an Optimus notebook, are you gaming on the internal or the external screen?

it looks like I found a solution by reimaged my OS from Ubuntu 20.10 to Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. I found it is quite surprising that rolling release OS such as Manjaro and recently updated OS like Ubuntu 20.10 have an issue and it is a good lesson for me not to rely on updated OS. Is LTS version of Ubuntu much more reliable?

I depends. If you have really brand-new hardware, it’s often better to use the very latest OS version or a rolling release in order to get the latest kernel and drivers.
Otherwise, rather use the latest LTS version.
I can only speculate but since you’re running an optimus system, I guess PRIME sync (vsync for optimus) was turned off, either due to missing module/kernel option
or the kernel was too new so you had to use the 460 beta driver for it to work.

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