Double tearing and stuttering while gaming on Nvidia

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When using the GNOME desktop, I have gotten used to general tearing, as long as it’s 60fps. When I play video games though, I get two (close to each other) lines of tearing and some stuttering. I believe this might be caused by the desktop vsync, but I dunno. Here some specs:

Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050ti (with latest nvidia driver, running my gaming monitor and secondary monitor)

Intel Core i5-4460 (with latest mesa and modesetting drivers, running my third monitor, probably does not matter)

optimus-manager set to use Nvidia

Up to date Arch Linux with latest GNOME (41)

Problem does not exist on Windows nor on my previous KDE desktop installed on the same Arch base, switched over to GNOME without reinstalling.

I do not mind the normal tearing with a single line of tearing, but the stuttering and the other line of tearing is really not optimal. How do I fix this?

( I saw some stuff about disabling unredirect windows in fullscreen mode, but there is not a lot of documentation online about that GNOME extension, is this related? )

( Problem confirmed to exist in CS Go, ingame vsync turned off. I have not tried other games and I am not able to try until tomorrow. )

( I use gdm-prime btw. )

( The game runs fine, at 120-300fps, but the image on screen is stuttering )

Have you checked ?

Yes, and I’ve found preventing tearing impossible on my Nvidia GPU. This also does not fix the double tearing.

Please try running cs:go prepending

__GL_MaxFramesAllowed = 1