470.141.03 screen tearing

On both 6.0 and 5.19 Kernel versions, when the NVIDIA driver is active, I experience screen tearing when watching videos or scrolling through the web. Mostly when doing “more intense” tasks. It happens alot when watching something on Netflix for example.

The tearing seems to be a straight line from the top left to the bottom right corner. The under left half seems to be out of sync for a few frames compared to the upper right half. Both halfs seem to stutter tho, but every half seems to have it’s own stutter. So it’s only visible if the screen updates. Difficult to reproduce on purpose because it happens pretty random. Sometimes multiple times per minute, sometimes it just doesn’t, but enough to ruin a nice scene in the middle of a movie, etc.
Btw, am using a GTX 765M

Anyway, I hope I can help with this report.

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nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (245.5 KB)

I even managed to catch it in it’s worst state. Here you go, see for yourself.

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Last example. Very clear here. Hope this helps ^^

Problem still exists with 470.161.03