Extremely horrible screen tearing on 361.42 drivers on Ubuntu

By Alienware 17 R3 specs are
i7 6700HQ with 16 GB RAM
GTX 970M 3GB

I installed the proprietary drivers v361.42 since the open source nouveau drivers did not support dual monitor setup. But after installing the drivers, I see awful screen tearing, especially while scrolling down in browser and watching videos. I can put up with some amount of screen tearing (like small amount of screen tearing while playing games on windows with VSync and triple buffering turned off) but the amount of screen tearing I am experiencing now is too awful for my eyes

I searched for VSync option in the Nvidia X Server control panel but couldn’t find one

If there is anyway I can get rid of this awful amount of screen tearing, I can do that


Please see this topic
The patch for screen tearing is about to come. Now we are waiting for new nvidia driver releasing the fix.