Video tearing in Linux Mint 18.2 Xfce, GT 540M, nvidia-375

I have a Samsung RC730 laptop with a Intel HD 3000 graphics and an Nvidia GT 540M using the driver nvidia-375. I have video tearing with all applications. My screen resolution is 1600x900 and my screen supports 60 Hz.
I tried xfwm4, xfwm4 + compton and xfwm4 + compositioning and they all didn’t help. According to the Linux Mint team, the newest version (xfwm 4.13) was supposed to get rid of video tearing, but I guess there’s still an issue with Nvidia hardware or drivers.
I didn’t have this problem in Windows 7 or Linux Mint 17.3 and I don’t have this problem if I use Mint 18.2 and Intel drivers.
I tried all newer and older drivers in the PPA and none of them showed any improvement.
What should I try next?

You have to use PRIME Sync
Needs Xserver >= 1.19