Stereo camera on TX2 - additional camera using the display port connector


I own both a TX1 and a TX2 and I was wondering to re-use the camera module on the TX1 as an additional camera on the TX2 … so to build a stereo camera system (I need a cheap solution as I am a simple un-founded student)

I noticed the camera module connector is of the same type of the one used for the display connector, so Ideally I was thinking to plug the second camera module (the one coming from the TX1) on the display port od the TX2 … unfortunately, there is not enough room to fit the second camera module on the TX2 and I was now googling to find a male-to-female cable (also few cm will suffice) to move away from the board one of the two connectors (used as an extension cable).

Before to proceed I was wondering if you have any advice, will the second camera work if plugged into the display port? also, where can I find such an extension cable for the display port connector?

Thanks for your help!!!

Definitely not working if plugged into the display port.
You need other solution this way absolutely not working.

@ShaneCCC, thanks for your reply.
Are you aware of any alternative on how to reuse the TX1 camera module as a second camera on the TX2 ?

Sorry, I don’t have any way for it.
It’s better to build a two sensor board or use USB camera instead.