Streaming IMX274 on v32.2 with Multimedia API


I am trying to stream from IMX274 using Tegra Multimedia API v32.2. Is there any sample program that can help me guiding how to do that?


It is quick to run rtsp through gstreamer. There are several examples:

For using tegra_multimedia_api, you may integrate with 3rdparty rtsp solution such as Live555. As of now there is no posts about this but some other users may be able to share their experiences.

Why do I need rtsp? Can’t I capture frames directly from IMX274 CSI-2 camera? I don’t need to stream the camera out to any clients. Just need to grab frames from a CSI-2 camera connected locally much like any UVC or USB directly connected to TX2.

Please refer to sensor driver programming guide and program device tree according to IMX274. If the device tree is good, you can run Argus samples.


Hi Caroufc,
Adding more details to DaneLLL’s comment, there is a sample GUI application present along with the tegra_multimedia_api package named ‘argus_camera’. For dependencies and build setup check the


Once you create the build directory and run cmake. Run the following command:

make argus_camera -j4; sudo make argus_camera install;argus_camera

If you want to understand the libArgus framework or start from scratch on developing a camera application. Kindly check the oneShot, multiStream and eglImage argus samples provided in the following directory


Also check the documentation provided in


Thanks DaneLLL and Waiss for your feedback. Will try those as soon as I get some time.