Struggling with articulations and articulation inspector in tutorial 5.7


I’m trying to follow the articulation tutorial but I’m stuck when it comes to use the articulation inspector. I followed up the tutorial until step 6 where:

*Choose the prim_path that corresponds to the articulation under Select Articulation, value is World/denso

It seems that the articulation inspector should somehow let me choose the prim_path, but it doesnt give me any options. In the screenshot I’m using the franka robot but with the cobotta_pro_900 happens the exact same thing.

I tried setting a in the root_joint of the robot the articulation root but is not working, the inspector does not recognize the articulation. I’m sure this is a really simple issue but I’ve been looking for posts or videos in this forum and I can find anything. Whats the issue here?

I have used the urdf importer and followed the tutorial steps one by one so I guess that the issue must be somewhere else, as you can see in the picture, there is no “select articulation” option…

Thanks in advance!

@mlasa i am just a passerby, but these threads may/may not be relevant:

Thanks for answering me! I found the issue, somehow my robot was colliding with an object so everytime I pressed the run button the simulation was failing. I moved the robot and everything was ok.


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