Subsampling in DeepStream

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Is there an option for subsampling input images in any nvidia DeepStream plugin? Say in nvvideoconvert or nvstreammux or nvinfer? If not, is there a plan to add such an option.

By subsampling what I mean is – if there are 30 images coming in per second and the NN batch size is 10, we can just set the subsample factor to 3 so that we can run one inference per second.

Are you talking about the case with one stream which is 30 FPS?

1 stream with 30 fps subsampled at 1 image processed per 3 images input. And this could extend to many the many-streams case too.

If there is only one stream, deepstream can handle one batch per 10 images.

For multiple streams, deepstream can not work in this way. Frequently Asked Questions — DeepStream 5.1 Release documentation

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