Suggestion for SDK Fix makefiles

Perhaps Nvidia should add lines like:


to the Makefiles in the SDK so that one can just edit the & type make… I found it a little confusing when first starting.
Cheers, Eric

ed: Sorry should have posted in Linux forum…

Why bother reporting if it gets ignored? There was no reply to say why it was going to be left broken either…

Probably the best solution is to implement a “make dep=1” option or I prefer a SINCLUDE= in each Makefile that can be used in the appropriate rules in I am commenting for Linux only - don’t know how it is set up on Windows.

I think there should be another general makefile that does everything in one directory, producing the various targets with different extensions. Much easier for a lot of people here. I certainly had to decipher to work out what was required for such a makefile and I am sure others have too.


I filed a bug report on that some time ago. Didn’t make it into 1.0 however. Let’s hope for 1.1