Supported Stereo Cameras on PX2

I am starting to explore the PX2. I have some questions regarding the camera hardware. Are there any stereo cameras supported by PX2 or should I get two cameras and do the stereo vision myself? Also, I cannot find the camera model ar0231-rccb-ae-ss3322 on the Sekonix website. I only find sf models. What is the difference?

Best Regards,
Gibin Joe

Dear Gibin Joe,
That flag refers to sekonix SF3322 camera model.
We support ZED stereo camera. Please check the Supported Sensors(Development guide -> Sensors-> Supported sensors) in DW documentation.

Thank you for the quick response. Do companies use ZED stereo cameras for autonomous vehicles or is it used for robotics? Are there any supported stereo cameras used on autonomous cars?

does it work???