Symmetric Cryprography support my TK1 hardware


I am trying to use encryption algorithm for data on TK1,but many symmetric key cryptography is not supported by TK1 For Eg: blowfish,skipjack etc. It supports AES though.
So I would like to know about the list of symmetric key cryptography supported by TK1 hardware.

Thanks in advance

The algorithms you are listing are Linux kernel configurations which are not part of hardware being capable or incapable (it’s possible some of those kernel features use more or less different hardware acceleration depending on architecture…none of those algorithms requires special hardware support).

So what you need is to take a copy of your current kernel configuration (in a running Jetson /proc/config.gz) and start with that for a normal kernel compile. Take a look at documents for compiling a kernel natively on the Jetson (ignore the cross-compile if you can, it just complicates things and TK1 compiles kernels quite well without cross compile). Then go through the kernel algorithm list to find the algorithms you want (such as in the kernel compile “make menuconfig”) and enable them before building as modules or direct feature.