Usage of Security Engine in TK1

Hi all,

I’ve noticed that TK1 has a security engine in it. It there any documents or code examples of how to utilize it?


Probably you mean the security features for the ARM CPU. ARM is described in one of these links:

I don’t think this is used from within basic linux distributions, although android might.

I’ve seen some introduction of TK1 stating that TK1 has a dedicated hardware cryptographic accelerator RSA, AES etc. Is it a part security feature of the ARM CPU?

There are drivers in the kernel to do the various crypto functions. How much of this uses hardware I don’t know. That said…if you look at “/lib/modules/uname -r” you will see an “extras” sub-directory. These are provided by nVidia. You might find that some of these are related, in which case they would use the hardware features…but I have not looked at which ones are there. You might want to see which modules are there and compare to modules from the crypto part of the kernel config.

Thanks a lot.