System configuration failure

The System configuration after flashing the OS image through jetpack fails on nvidia jetson TX2 at configuring hardware and reboots again.

You may want to flash on command line, take the log of that flash, and post it here (on one of your existing posts, if you hover the mouse over the quote icon in the upper right, then other icons will show up…the paper clip icon is for attaching files).

To flash and get the log I would do this (the “gawk” part is for reducing the size of “percent complete” text):

sudo ./ jetson-tx2 mmcblk0p1 2>&1 | gawk '{gsub("[0-9][0-9]+[/][0-9[0-9]+ bytes sent..",".");print}' | tee flash_log.txt

(if you don’t have “gawk”, then “sudo apt-get install gawk”)

Do note that after a flash the Jetson should reboot, and this will change the Jetson from being in recovery mode to being in a normal boot. You should have an HDMI monitor attached during the flash so you can fill in the first boot account name/pass.

You could also add a log a serial console log from during the flash if you want to.


Please find the attachment of the log file.
flash_log.txt (417 KB)

According to the flash logs the flash was successful. If your host PC was running out of disk space, then it is possible the flashed image was truncated and will not behave as expected. You’ll also want to have an HDMI monitor attached during the flash for first boot creation of a login account. Was there any other hardware attached? Are you using the power supply from the development kit?

FYI, if you want to see the disk usage on your PC of all of the ext4 filesystems, run this:

df -H -T -t ext4

(make sure the partition used for your flash has spare space)