Jetson TX2 not booting up

I am trying to install Jetpack through a Virtual Machine, while it fails. Now it didn’t boot up. I assume my TX2 is sucked in force recovery mode. Any idea how to recover?

VMs normally fail and are not supported. Sometimes with effort people get them to work. See:

The best way would be with a native install of Linux on the host, e.g., dual boot with whatever operating system is already there. If you just want to flash on command line, then any x86_64 Linux will do…if you want to use JetPack with its other utilities (e.g., CUDA install), then you’ll need either Ubuntu 14.04 or 16.04 (there may be a demo which doesn’t work on 16.04 PC hosts).

FYI, your Jetson isn’t harmed, it just had an incomplete install. When you get a non-VM host (or have experimented with a VM and perhaps made it work after enough coffee), then it should work well.

Thanks for the message, but i don’t have a linux machine with me. When i flash failed, i can not connect serial console at all. Is jetson won’t boot when image flash fails?
Also any idea to obtain IP address of jetson by connecting Ethernet cable to host.
(i see nothing from router when i connect jetson to router, if jetson doesn’t boot up, will it obtain a ip address? )

Thanks anyone’s help!!

TO be more clear i can see USBtty0 as the serial to usb line, but when i activate minicom, the device is offline.
i have followed this video for jetson serial console:
So is flash failure have make my jetson not booting up??
thanks in advance!

It should be “ttyUSB0”, not “USBtty0”. There should be at least some minimal activity visible over serial console at power on even if boot does not complete…I suspect the minicom settings are incorrect. Even failed hardware usually has some output.

A failed flash leaves the software usually leaves the system in an unbootable state. Successful flash could still leave video configuration failing. In this latter case networking will still look for an address via a DHCP request…for which a router must be present and must respond with the address to assign. It is the router which will show the IP address.

Is your Jetson wired to a router? Or is it wired to a switch, and something else (like the PC) acts as router? I assume from what you said it is probably a separate router appliance…in which case you’d want to watch its logs as the Jetson attempts to boot. If no request went out, then the Jetson didn’t get far enough along in boot to ask for an address.

Mostly I suspect the fix will simply be to flash again using a non-VM (or perhaps many attempts with a VM and adjusting VM settings until it works).


Ya, in my case, it’s ‘/dev/ttyUSB2’.
Ya, if you can do the following as linuxdev put it, that should fix your issue. This can be done via Jetpack installation or via instruction from Quick Start Guide.

"Mostly I suspect the fix will simply be to flash again using a non-VM

In general, when you first have the board, there should be default factory image that would boot up the unit if the image is not messed up by re-flashing.

For Ethernet connection, that usually comes after system bootup and you could usie “sudo dhclient eth0” per Quick Start Guide.

Thanks guys. got it fixed by using a non vm host. for those who are trying to flash using a vm, i recommend using VMware, caused i use virtualbox and tx2 wasn’t booting after failed(serial console is also gone)

Thanks for the feedback…so you are using native Linux environment (ie. your non vm host) to flash the image? For sure this will be fine. And you recommended using VMware, did it work for your image flashing too?

I use a native Ubuntu solved it. For VMware, i have read some where that people had flashed with vmware successfully. But i didn’t test it so i can’t be sure.