Jetson 3.3 : Boom is not running

I am using an Ubuntu 16.04 as host. Trying to flash Jetson TX2, but the get stuck for a lot of hours in the following issue:
Can any one help me figure out the issue?

Hi brunoeducsantos,

Are you using jetpack-3.3 to flash on TX2? or using flash command line?
Are you still got the same issue if try to install again?


Hi Carol,
I am using jetpack-3.3 on TX2.
I tried to flash several times and I still got this issue.
If I flashed again ? Or if I installed JetPack again?

PS: I am using micro-usb to flash. is that a problem?

The micro-B USB cable is mandatory for flash. The cable which comes with the Jetson dev kit is higher quality than most sold in stores for use in charging smart phones. Is this the original cable?

Do I need to connect my jetson to wifi?

Yes. It is the original cable.

It always get stucked in Boot Room communication .

Hi brunoeducsantos,

Please try flash image manually:

Go to your JetPack foler/64_TX2/Linux_for_Tegra/
Put your TX2 device into recovery mode
Flash: sudo ./flash jetson-tx2 mmcblk0p1

FYI, never use WiFi on the Jetson itself for the package install stage. There may be possibilities to WiFi on a Jetson for package install which was specifically configured using extra steps (and not after a flash), but most people fail with WiFi for package install. WiFi on host is ok, WiFi on Jetson during flash+package install is not ok.

The manual steps just given by @carolyuu use only the USB on a recovery mode Jetson and does not involve additional packages. Ethernet and package install was never reached in your situation…the boot rom not running is prior to that stage (until flash succeeds you can completely ignore extra package install and ethernet). The command line steps without JetPack can be more reliable because it is the bare minimum for just flashing. JetPack itself is only a GUI front end to the command line install which @carolyuu referred to. You’ll find the “” script in the “Linux_for_Tegra/” subdirectory…which is actually the driver package, but JetPack would have downloaded this.

It happened the same issue. BootRom is not running. :(

If command line flash failed using the provided cable and a non-VM host PC, then you may need to RMA. If interested, search for RMA near the top of this:

Could it be an issue regarding my host have a 16.04 version?

Thanks linuxdev.

Ubuntu 16.04 will work with JetPack. Command line flash works with any 64-bit Linux PC. Some distributions (not many) enable 64-bit ext4 extensions…which would interfere when the bootloader looks for the rootfs, but flash never succeeded. Even the 64-bit ext4 extensions would have no effect on flash. It is in fact partly due to the simplification of requirements when using command line which gives me confidence that this is more than a software issue (it still isn’t guaranteed, but the odds are now high that the board itself has issues).

Hi @linuxdev,
Thanks for your feedback. Is there anyway to prove that idea?
The board is new, so it would be strange that has an issue.

@carolyu do you have any other suggestions?

I read in the forum the following:
Download and run JetPack from an x86_64 host PC (also running Ubuntu 16.04) and connect the TX2 over micro-USB and ethernet.

After entering it into recovery mode, JetPack will be able to flash your Jetson with the Ubuntu 16.04 image and NVIDIA drivers (L4T).

So, I need to connect a ethernet cable to jetson and my pc?

Hi brunoeducsantos,

If you just flash image, you don’t need connect ethernet.
But if you want to install other packages, you need connect etherent.

Are you got this issue only with JetPack-3.3?
The JetPack-3.2.1 is working on your tx2?

Hi @carolyuu,
It happened the same issue with both versions :(.
Could it be a hardware problem? I guess is hard to be since I bought one week ago.
Any more feedback is welcome.