Tao converter output nodes name?

Hi all,
I’m trying to export and convert .tlt model into .etlt and tensorrt engine.

I wish to deploy the model onto jetson device,
so I followed the instruction in jupyter notebook (yolo_v4) as follows.

Verify engine generation using the tao-converter utility included with the docker.

The tao-converter produces optimized tensorrt engines for the platform that it resides on. Therefore, to get maximum performance, please instantiate this docker and execute the tao-converter command, with the exported .etlt file and calibration cache (for int8 mode) on your target device. The tao-converter utility included in this docker only works for x86 devices, with discrete NVIDIA GPU’s.

For the jetson devices, please download the tao-converter for jetson from the dev zone link here.

The -p argument in following command is the optimization profile. This should be in format <input_node>,<min_shape>,<opimal_shape>,<max_shape>. In YOLOv3, the three shapes should only have differences at the batch dimension

It leads me to download clara_agx-20210820T231311Z-001 file, and its help message says, it requires -o flag for exporting.

But I have no idea what I should type in.
Where/How can I get this information?

Refer to YOLOv4 — TAO Toolkit 3.22.05 documentation

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