Tearing/Vsync Problems on OpenSuse 12.2

We just installed OpenSuse on a PC using a GtX 560 Firestorm Graphic Card.
In most of the OpenGL games, we had some white/grey stripes wandering over the screen - especially on the parts of the screen were shadows or overlays of any form appear - that disapperead for the most games after we activated VSync @ the Nvidia driver or ingame - or deactivated the shadows if this didn’t helped.
However, some games still have the problem (it is most visible @ path of exile under wine atm) - and after all, shadows are a nice thing aswell.

Since a driver-update didn’t helped us out, and nobody had an idea (besides the driver upgrade that didn’t helped either :/) @ the openSuse-Forum, we decided to come here ;)

Bug report file:

Looks a bit like the same problem described here in previous thred, can you please check the screenshots there if it looks similar? Thank’s!

As far as i can see, ours look a bit different:

While the “washed out” effect is caused by the camera, the “stripes” really look like this and move a bit over the screen (they move up/down only a little bit, but very. very fast - overall they keep kind of static).

Thanks for the answer however :)