Tegra System Profiler 2.1 with new in-depth views and filters for improved performance visualization

Tegra System Profiler 2.1 is available as part of Tegra Android Development Pack 3.0R2 (TADP).

Release Highlights

  • Added timeline view with the following features:
    • Per-core CPU utilization and per-thread CPU utilization graph: displays how much CPU power was consumed.
    • Per-thread CPU occupancy graph: displays on which CPU core a thread was running.
    • Ability to filter the function table views by a selected time range.
  • Added Flat view, which gives information about how much time a certain function was present anywhere on a call stack.
  • Identify CPU memory bandwidth issues based on L2 cache misses.
  • Support for NVIDIA SHIELD tablet, Xiaomi MiPad and Tegra 4, Tegra 4i, Tegra K1 (32-bit) based devices.
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements

A complete list of features can be found at https://developer.nvidia.com/tegra-system-profiler.

Download TADP
To download TADP, you must be a member of the NVIDIA GameWorks™ Registered Developer Program http://developer.nvidia.com/gameworks-registered-developer-program. To join simply create a new account (it’s free and easy) and then visit the NVIDIA GameWorks Download Center http://developer.nvidia.com/gameworksdownload page and download the version of TADP for your platform.

The NVIDIA Developer Tools Team

My device is Xiaomi MiPad ,but it is not work!
these errors :
“NVIDIA Tegra System Profiler 2.1.18712333 Windows-x64

[Error] Failed to start the tools app
Failed to start the daemon inside the tools package (com.nvidia.tegraprofiler.tools). Please try again.”

“Error: Selected device does not support profiling. Please check that you use a device compatible with NVIDIA Tegra Profiler.”

Tegra System Profiler need rooted device.

if you have rooted your device, just restart your device again. it should work.