Performance counters on a tegra device

I just installed TADP 2.0r9 and it works!! :)
My goal is to be able to debug on the device and to be able to profile code. For some reason I cannot find the profiler. Where is it? How is the nvidia profiler compares to DS5 from arm, or profiler that comes with VS2012?
How can i enable access to performance counters from userland? I use NEXUS7 for development and I get illegal instruction if i try to read perf counter. There is more info on stackoverflow:

From docs I recall TADP comes with OS images. What does that mean? Does that mean that I can reflush my nexus7 with developer version of the OS for better debugging etc? I also assume that the OS version will have enabled access to perf counters, right?
How can I reflash my nexus 7 with the images that come with TADP

hi pablo80,
I believe you are looking for Tegra System Profiler you could find it from startMenu>AllProgram>NVIDIA Corporation>Tegra System Profiler.
We don’t support OS images for Nexus that you have to get from Google. The OS Images in TADP 2.0r9 is for other developer kit(ardbeg,Pluto,…).

When I run “Tegra System Profiler” I get this error:

NVIDIA Tegra System Profiler
2.0.18328614 Windows-x64

[Error] OS image is not compatible with Tegra System Profiler
This device doesn’t contain built-in support for Tegra System Profiler. Loadable kernel module was not found for this device.

What can I do to enable it? There are some random bits saying that Nexus7 is supported, but it’s not fully supported. There is “file:///C:/NVPACK/docs/content/devices/tegra_profiler_deploy_nexus_7.htm” that explains how to get it workign with Nexus7, yet it refers to “Open the Nexus 7 distribution folder”, which doesn’t exist or I cannot find where that folder is.

Did you run C:\NVPACK\OSPatches\Install.cmd ?