Tegra Profiler 1.3 with Nexus 7


I have an Asus Nexus 7 with a rooted JDQ39 build on it.

When I try to deploy the Tegra Profier 1.3 device side app using the scanNdeploy.cmd, I got the following error:

Found connected device with FW version: JDQ39
Sorry, but JDQ39 is unsupported.

As for the documentation, the only supported FW version is JDQ39. If I remove this check from the batch file, I got several errors:

Check do we have su on the target device.
The system cannot find the file specified.
2006 KB/s (104800 bytes in 0.051s)
Deploying: JDQ39.
Stop running daemon and unload modules.
sh: killall: not found
rmmod: delete_module ‘quadd_module’ failed (errno 2)
Cleanup folders and create if needed.
Push tegra profiler components.
cannot stat ‘JDQ39’: No such file or directory
Unable to chown /data/data/com.nvidia.tegraprofiler/: No such file or directory
Unable to chmod /data/data/com.nvidia.tegraprofiler/
: No such file or directory
Unable to chmod /data/data/com.nvidia.tegraprofiler/quadd_d: No such file or directory
Start deployed daemon.
sh: ./quadd_d: not found

While the script is running, the SU window pops up on the Nexus and I enable it.

Is there a way to get Tegra Profiler 1.3 running on an Asus Nexus 7?



Nexus 7 need additional modules support profiler. You can get the Patches from OSPatches in TADP.
then use the OSPatches/install.cmd to install them.


It works. Thank you. I wasn’t aware of that folder.


I`m having problem with running System profiler on Asus Nexus 7,

NVIDIA Tegra System Profiler
2.1.18712333 Windows-x64

[Error] OS image is not compatible with Tegra System Profiler
The security package (com.nvidia.tegraprofiler.security) is required to be installed on the device, but was not found.

I have a newer Android than JDQ39, do I just need to downgrade to older version to make it work? Also this ospatches folder does not exist in 3.0r3, is it possible to get it somehow?

Only Tegra System Profiler 1.3 support Nexus 7 ( JDQ39 ). Is only option to revert to JDQ39.

Ok, thanks