Tegra Profiler 1.3 not in TADP 2.0r5

The notes for the latest TADP r5 release (https://developer.nvidia.com/tegra-android-development-pack) indicate that an updated Tegra Profiler version 1.3 is included. The installer actually includes version 1.2. Is there in fact an update profiler version available, or are the release notes incorrect?

The version specified in the software was unfortunately set incorrectly. This is a bug we’ll be fixing in an update to the TADP files shortly. The version value should have been set to 1.3.

Please note the included software is correct.

Sorry for the confusion. Hope this clears it up.

Thanks Eric. Unfortunate news for me as I was hoping that the ‘actual’ 1.3 release would fix my Nexus 7 problems. Seems I’m in no such luck and have posted another forum question in that regard. Thanks for responding to this issue so quickly though.