Tegra TK1 PMU OTP (ONE Time Programmable)

I have made my custom board but its design is resembling Jetson TK1. So, I used the same PMU AS3722 IC to manage power in the board. Now the I2C of this IC is connected to Tegra processor.
Now I want to know that:
1) will ic work in its default settings on the first time to turn on the processor or i have program it before
powering up processor?
2) If i need to program it before powering up the processor, what settings Io i need for it. Or can anyone tell
me the settings saved in the PMU placed in Jetson TK1, so that i should also save those settings in it.
3) I just need an external I2C from FPGA or any controller to program it or there are any special requirements
for that.

If anyone e has an answer to any Questions above, please respond me as m design is manufactured and i have to power it up.
Thank You

Hi, the AS3722 on TK1 is AS3722-BCTT-09, OTP version is 09, you can check with vendor for the OTP version of your own AS3722. Basically users can not program the PMIC, only can set registers thru I2C which can be found in its datasheet.

Thank you for your response. Actually, we have also ordered AS3722-BCTT-09. So we do not have to configure anything about PMU. it will work with its default settings and will follow the power-up sequence of Tegra.
Later on, we can control somethings from I2C of Tegra if any change required.