Tegra_xusb_firmware loads but doenot respond

Hi ,

We have a NVIDIA custom board, which is similar to Jetson TK1 and we are facing some issues in enabling USB3.0 port . From the debug logs i could see that Tegra_xusb_firmware is loaded but the interrupt response is not seen. Below are the USB details of our custom board .

  1. USB3 port 0 and USB2 port port 0 are used for USB3.0
  2. Modified the padctrl configurations to select the respective ports (TRM section
  3. Modified usb_port_owner_info to ‘1’ which selects USB3 port 0 and USB2 port 0 for xhci controller.

This is all the info and modifications , i could get from the TRM. Is there anything i am missing ? Has anyone tried enabling other ports as USB3.0. Any help would be really appreciated.
Attaching logs for reference.

USB3_Logs_comparision.txt (3.62 KB)