tegrastats infomation

Hello everyone,

Could someone please explain about the tegrastats program provide information.
RAM 696/1892MB (lfb 61x4MB) cpu [0%,off,off,off]@1224 EMC 22%@102 AVP 0%@204 VDE 120 GR3D 0%@72 EDP limit 0

Please correct me:

  1. RAM 696/1892MB(lfb 61x4MB) : current / total MB, what is it mean (lfb 61x4MB) ?
  2. cpu [0%,off,off,off]@1224 : [core1%, core2%, core3%, core4%]@MHz, which core frequency is when multi-core running ?
  3. EMC 22%@102 : external memory controller, bus%@MHz
  4. AVP 0%@204 : audio/video processor, processor%@MHz
  5. VDE 120 : video decoder engine, 120MHz
  6. GR3D : GPU, processor%@MHz
  7. EDP limit 0 : I not find information about this.

Thank you.

Hello, viclin920:

  1. lfb NxXMB, X is the largest free block. N is the number of free blocks of this size. (it’s physical memory. For virtual memory, allocations can be larger.)
  2. what do you mean by ‘which core frequency is when multi-core running ?’ CPU [x% … ]@clock shows load and freq CPU is running.
  3. correct.
  4. correct.
  5. correct.
  6. correct.
  7. EDP stands for Electrical Design Power. That’s fixed in the latest version and the correct value can be obtained. Please try in next release.


I wondering if someone could post a little more info about the Video Decoder Engine. Specifically I’m wondering if the VDE 120 means 120 MHz what is the max, VDE 528?? I can understand AVP 0%@204, in my case when processing video I get 14%@300. What does it mean that VDE is 204 MHz?

I’m using the Tegra TK1, Jetson to prototype video decoding/encoding.

Randy Silagi

Hello, rsilagi
VDE is video decode engine. you can check sysfs node for max frequency it can run. also, it will be driven by clock and run in a frequency.



I am wondering if anyone knows what ‘GPU [0-9]/[0-9]’ is from ~/tegrastats. (ex. “GPU 465/465” or “GPU 1857/1545”) The numerator always seems to be larger than or equal to the denominator, so it doesn’t seem to be used in the same way RAM is used in comment #1.

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It looks like documentation for tegrastats can be found here: