Hi, I am trying to run a tensorflow python script. I get error
"import tensorflow_io as tfio # pylint:disable=g-import-not-at-top

ModuleNotFoundError: No module names 'tensorflow_io" "

Solutions on various other forums say to simply run pip install tensorflow.io .This however does not work on the nano. I get the message:

Error: No matching distributions found for tensorflow.io

Any tips?


Error: No matching distributions found for tensorflow.io

This error message indicates there is no compatible prebuilt package for Jetson.
To install it, you will need to build it from the source.

Please check the detailed steps below:



Could you please describe the steps as to build tensorflow_io from source on Jetson Nano? I did not find any tips on how to do that from the given repository.

I have not been able to install Tensorflow Object Detection API on Jetson Nano.

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