Tensorrt 7 release schedule for Xavier

Hi all,

we have seen that Tensorrt 7 will help our current project a lot. Unfortunately it is not ready for Xavier yet. Do we know when the release is scheduled?

Hi gaylord,

Thanks for asking, however I don’t have the clear release plan to share now, if there is any update, I will post again.

Hi kayccc, thanks for the quick answer. Do you think it is more a question of weeks, months or more like a year? I get that you are actively working on porting, right?

Hi gaylord,

The TensorRT will be included in the JetPack for developer to install, we’re doing the best as we can, however that’s not few weeks efforts on porting and validation with other SDKs. Please wait for our announcement of next JetPack release.

Hi kayccc,

Do you have any method to install Tensorrt7 to xavier?
I really need it.

Hi kai.741852963,

There is no other method to get TensorRT upgrade than through JetPack, please wait for the next release, it should be around the early springtime. Sorry for the inconvenience.