How to upgrade TensorRT to 7.0 version

I have installed JetPack 4.3 on xavier.
How to upgrade TensorRT to 7.0 version ??

Hi jhx2002,

The TensorRT can’t be upgraded directly, only can install the version we provided through JetPack SDK.
May I know why you want to upgrade to TensorRT 7.0? Which new feature do you need?

Need onnx newest version which TensorRT 7.0 support.

I can build and install TensorRT 7.0 from source , can’t I ?

Hi jhx2002,

No, it can’t be built from source.

Why ?
Nvidia opened source code :
Why can’t user build it from source ?

Could anyone help me ?

Hi jhx2002, that repo includes the open-source TensorRT examples and plugins. It doesn’t contain the TensorRT library, which is provided through JetPack for Jetson. It will be included in the next version of JetPack.

Why do you can not clearly tell user the details about opened sourced TensorRT ? It’s confusing, and do waste me a few days.

So on what date the next JetPack will release?

Although we can’t share the exact timeline for the next release, it should be around the early springtime. Sorry for the inconvenience.