Tesla A2 "The device cannot start"

I’m trying to install Tesla A2 on my Lenovo P360 workstation with Win11, installed RAM 32GB. However, I tried both recommended 513.46 driver and 511.65 driver that comes with cuda 11.6 installation, and I still cannot get it work. In device managere, it says “The device cannot start C10 code”. Is there anything I can do to handle this problem?

An A2 card is only designed to be used in a server that was qualified for its use. That would not apply to the P360 workstation.

In addition, for most datacenter GPUs, running windows on them in client fashion would require a vGPU setup with an appropriate license.

You can find systems qualified for A2 here

Thank you for your reply! So is it possible to use A2 on P360 if I do a vGPU setup with a license on it? Or it is absoultely impossible to use and there is no other ways around?

Since it has never been qualified that way by NVIDIA and Lenovo, I really can’t say. It might work, it might not.

Even if it did “work”, the workstation won’t provide adequate cooling for the card. Server/datacenter cards like this are designed for server flow-through cooling. Without it, they don’t keep themselves cool.