Tesla Bandwidth Question

I was wondering if anyone had experience with Tesla bandwidth.

My question is the following - if a 8800 GTX you use for CUDA that plugs in to your desktop requires a PCI X16 slot, how is that a Tesla 1U server with 4 GPUs can interface to the host computer via only one PCI X16 or even X8 slot?

Does this mean that the bandwidth to the Tesla GPUs is reduced compared to a G80 plugged into your machine?

Ecah Tesla S870 interface card is a PCI-E-gen2 card supporting 2 GPUs. Hence, each G80 is getting the equivalent of PCI-E-gen1 bandwidth. This, of course, assumes that you’re using a PCI-E slot in your motherboard which has PCI-E-gen2 support.

The S870 ( Tesla 1U server) needs two connectors. Each connector is connecting 2 Tesla cards. The daughter card is a Gen2 PCI-e x16.

Then the website needs some updating ;) There is still mention of S870 with only 1 connector. (at least last time I looked)