Tesla products prices

According to http://www2.pny.com/MarketingPromotions/sc…7promotion.aspx

Tesla C870 introductory price is $650 and
Tesla D870 introductory price is $4200.

AFAIU the D870 is basically built from 2 * C870 + a small board + a box + a Power Supply.

I then can’t really understand the D870 price level, in comparison with the C870
(* 2 = $1300).

Can I instead insert two C870 cards in a compatible board and get the same throughput?



Motherboards that support two 16x pci-e cards at full speed, and also actually manage to get the promised high throughput for cpu<->gpu transfers are quite rare, but if you manage to find one, you will get comparable speeds.

Wouldn’t you only need two 8x pci-e slots at full speed on the MB since the D870 only has a single 16x pci-e interface for both cards? Then wouldn’t having two C870s potentially have higher bandwidth then the D870?

But the D870 is PCIe v2 with double the bandwidth. Assuming your memory/host motherboard can feed it, the effective bandwidth should be the same as PCIe v1 x16 slot for each card in the D870.

The D870 has a PCIe v1 daughter card, the S870 has a PCIe v2 daughter card.

OK, so I’m corrected again today. I thought I had read about the PCIe v2 in another post, but it must have just been referring to the S870.

Anyways, this is good information to put on the product specification web page, isn’t it?
http://www.nvidia.com/object/tesla_gpu_server.html and the same page for the D870 don’t mention whether the PCIe is v1 or v2.