Tesla M2070Q

We a running a Dell M610x machine with a Tesla M2070Q. The operating system is Ubuntu 13.10. We installed the latest drivers from NVIDIA 319.76. For some reason, we cannot get 3D acceleration to start in Ubuntu. Any pointers are greatly appreciated.

Our Tesla GPU is a M2070 not M2070Q, which means that it is in TCC mode by default. We tried the nvidia-smi to switch the card into WDDM mode. SMI replies with all done, reboot required, however after reboot, if we run nvdia-smi we get an error “Failed to initialize NVML: Unknown Error”. We are running 332.21. Any ideas?

That card does not have graphics ports correct? If so, you wouldn’t be able to drive a display with it… for obvious reasons.


Are you running linux or windows? M2070 cannot be used as a display adapter under windows (at least, win7 or prior, or winServer2008R2 or prior). Under linux, it can provide X and OGL acceleration for a linux “desktop” although you’ll have to access it remotely, for obvious reasons.