TESLA V100 32GB: Energy consumption measurement?

Dear support, I am a PhD candidate and user in the HLRN supercomputer in Berlin/Göttingen (Germany). I am working with thermal and CFD simulations with ANSYS FLUENT using meshes between 5 millions and 150 millions of elements. In my investigations I would like to use the GPUS available at the HLRN-Göttingen (4 x NVIDIA Tesla V100 32GB) and following the example of ANSYS with the title “Accelerationg-ANSYS-Fluent-Simulations-with-NVIDIA-GPUs-AA-V9-I1.pdf” I am trying to measure the energie consumption (instantaneous system power), as shown in the pdf file.
My questions for you:
1-. Is there a command to measure the energie consumption?
2.- is there other way to measure the energie consumption?
Thanks in advance

There is not really a command to measure energy consumption. You may want to study the nvidia-smi command which can report instantaneous power draw, and see if you can come up with something based on that. There is command line help available.

If you are on a node with one of the GPUs you mention, run

nvidia-smi --help