Texture Resources just rendering as black

I’m working on 2 very similar projects. They both use the same shader & texture pipeline.
However, nsight texture resources view is not rendering for one, but works fine for the other.

This is both on the same computer, both launched from VS2015.

For one of them, while the thumbnail all work, the large image resource render & mip map renders are black. The pixel examiner is picking up the colours fine.

Any ideas what could cause this?

Here is a screen shot of the working app on top, and the broken app on the bottom…


So, I found a texture in the other project that also doesn’t render.
Its possible NSight is not working with large (1024x512) non-square RGBA textures that have a mip map chain.

Its working on all the compressed textures and on another RGBA 1024x1024 that has no mips.

Hi MadPuppet,

No, Nsight should works well with such texture.

Can you check whether your texture is texture complete?