Saving textures from the Resources view corrupts image?

I’m using latest NSight as of today.

When i go to save a texture from the Resources tab while debugging, it often seems wrong. Today I’m trying to save various 128x128 textures, which look correct in the resource viewer. When I save them as a png or bmp and view them in a viewer, it looks like the first 28 and last 28 pixels horizontally are ‘blank’ and the actual 128x128 texture is squeezed into the other 72 pixels wide. Vertically the texture looks correct.

Practically it wouldn’t matter much if I could just copy paste from the viewer, however there’s complex alpha in the image as well so that will not translate.

This seems like a flat out bug to me. I can paste example images if necessary, but the above describes it.

If it matters, it’s a DXGI_FORMAT_R8G8B8A8_UNORM Texture2D resource, with 1 mip level… and like i said, 128x128.

Hi relaxok,

Can you try to save it as DDS file? Save texture as png or bmp will looks like take some screen shot of the texture view, which will contain the back ground color. If you save as DDS and open the saved file with VS2012/VS2013, you will see the expected result.