DDS plugin for Photoshop not behaving - need help

I am doing some modding for Fallout 4 whereby I have used the Nvidia DDS plugin in Photoshop CC 2017 to save images as .DDS texture files. The sizes vary from 1024 x 512 pixels, 2048 x 1024 pixels, and 4096 x 2048 pixels. To ensure uniformity I set all of my images to 96 pixels per inch and I saved them as DXT1 (No Alpha) to my desktop ready for uploading.

However, on opening any of these files on my desktop using my copy of Photoshop, I discovered when using “Image> Image Size” that all of my DDS files are reported to be 72 pixels per inch. Furthermore, taking the 1024 x 512 pixel images as an example, instead of them being 256kb as they are supposed to be they come in at an odd 341kb.

I also discovered that when opening any DDS file in Photoshop, even those of other people’s work, was reported by “Image size” as being 72 pixels per inch. So, I created a dummy DDS texture and set it at 300 pixels per inch and emailed it to a friend. He reported back that it was 300 pixels per inch but that the Kilobyte size was wrong. I opened it and again, 72 pixels per inch.

I have spent 3 days on the Photoshop forum. They couldn’t help me and suggested I come here. Most also informed me that ‘pixels per inch’ didn’t matter for on-screen viewing and I don’t care because A) I need Photoshop to accurately report the files attributes and B) I need to find out whether the additional Kb size is due to an incorrect DDS save setting, whether the file is corrupted, or whether it is tied to the 72 pixel per inch mystery.

I cannot trust my product when every DDS file I open is reported as 72 pixels per inch whether it is or not. Additionally, only DDS files are affected. When opening bitmaps, JPGs, or PNG, “Image size” reports what it actually is.

I am desperate. I cannot move forward until this is solved.