nsight 3.2.2 and windows 8.1: not working

I tried the new nsight on windows 8.1 (x64) with drivers 331.82 and VS2012, the hud is working, the replay window is working.
However the frame windows on the right display “retrieving texture data” indefinitely and when i hit “see details for current draw call” there’s nothing displayed except “no geometry preview - Unknown error”

PS It’s a DX11 app in release-x64


Could you tell me the Nsight build number (Nsight > Help > About), and which GPU you are running on? Is this all in one machine?

Would it be possible to get a hold of binaries to reproduce the issue?

Sure : build on a GTX Titan and all in one machine.

Yes I could send you a minimal repro binary ( however the bug seem to be present on every binary I tested ). How would I send you such a binary (email ?)

Just sent you a PM, thanks.

I have the exact same issue on my Win7 + GTX TITAN + On every binary (same with samples) I got the same issue with “no geometry preview - Unknown error” and endlessly spinning texture preview in VS 2012.
I’ve got 332.21 drivers.

Hi edwarf,

When you say every sample, which samples are you referring to?
The issue Florent had was a bit specific, so I am curious to know why you see this on every binary you have.

I’ve just made additional checks and it seems that issue is only with one specific engine (samples meaning samples running using this specific engine). The problem is that everything works excellent on Geforce 770 and 670 (checked on the same machine). Only TITAN has this weird behaviour. The engine is using deferred contexts (but this is not the issue, since Mutlithreaded DX11 sample from DirectXSDK debugs properly). It is not the issue with shaders or meshes for sure. Seems some way of how we setup the deferred buffers. I’ll do more checks and report on this as it is my priority now.

I’m working on Win8 (visual studio 2012, x64 Dx11 application) and have the same problem…
Though I have found a (hacky) work around :)

  • Capture a frame
  • inside the spawned visual studio Nsight tab, press ‘profile frame 1’ (at the bottom)
  • resume from the capture
  • capture a new frame

now you should (or at least, I do ) have a complete capture :)
seems that profiling the frame somehow triggers the captures to work.

Excellent! This works for me too! Thanks!