Nsight 3.2>Windows>System Info no longer works

Just updated to today’s 331.65 WHQL driver and the GPU “info” pages under Nsight>Windows>System Info no longer work. I’m on Win7/x64 with VS2010 and Nsight

Refreshing the “GPU Devices” or “CUDA Devices” tab results in a rapid connect and disconnect from the Nsight Monitor and no results are shown:

External Media

I have a K20c, GT630 (GK208), GTX 680, GT 240 and a 9400 GT in the workstation.

Debugging and halting on a breakpoint still seems to work fine so I can continue to work but this looks like a bug.

Any tips?

Hi allanmac,

We’ll look into it. May I suggest trying to pull the oldest cards out of your workstation one at a time? While all those cards should be supported, there’s a possibility something was broken with the driver update.



I reinstalled the drivers with no effect but have some more info:

  1. Exporting the System Info results in a text file with proper looking NvAPI and NvDebugAPI sections (all 5 GPUs are listed) but then the file abruptly ends with:
        Unable to get platform count        Information not available
  1. All precompiled 64-bit CUDA Samples fail whether they’re driver or runtime versions:
    External Media

  2. All precompiled 32-bit CUDA Samples succeed:
    External Media

I’m on Win7/x64 with today’s 331.65 WHQL.

Hi allanmac,

We are able to reproduce this and are investigating what happened as a high priority. At this moment, I’d recommend you downgrading to the previous driver you were using, sorry not the best solution but it will get you going again for now.
Thanks for the report.

Downgrading is no problem. 331.58 was working just fine.

Glad it wasn’t operator error on my part. :)

Update: Reverting to 331.58 restores the System Info functionality:

So what was the resolution on this one? I am experiencing absolutely the same issue after upgrading both my driver and nsight yesterday… Current versions:

  • nsight
  • driver 337.88
  • card GTX660Ti