new Nsight 3.1 and VS 2010

Hello there,

I updated my Development System to CUDA Toolkit 5.5 and Nsight to 3.1.
I also updated the Display Driver to 326.80.

Despite this, Nsight throws the hint, that the driver version is 320.57 and does not optimally fit, when starting Cuda debugging.
Debugging starts as usually, but I can’t see local variables in my kernel calls.

Are there still some version problems with VS 2010 or does anyone has a clue what I do wrong?

Thanks in advance


Can you run the Nsight Monitor, then go to Nsight -> Windows -> System Info and export to file?


no problem.

SystemInfo.txt (28 KB)


from the attachment, it looks like you have 1 GPU (GT 440), and is reporting that you are indeed on 326.80. It is very strange to me what when you start debugging it would tell you that you are on 320.57.
Are you connecting to a remote machine? If so, I would need the systeminfo for that machine.

Can you tell me which build of Nsight you are using (Night -> Help -> About, look at the top right). We have shipped the ‘final’ build of Nsight 3.1 not long ago. I wonder if you should upgrade to the latest, if you haven’t.

Thank you.

Hi rafi,

I am not connecting to a remote machine.

My NSight build is:

If you need further information, just let me know.



Very strange. Any other GPUs in the machine that I might’ve missed?

The only thing I can suggest is to reinstall the driver, make sure to check the box “clean install”. If you still have issues after this, maybe we can try doing a WebEx session? Please contact us at devtools-support at nvidia dot com. Thanks