Nsight Visual Studio Edition

On the Nsight Visual Studio Edition download page, there are:
Nsight (Win 64-bit)
GeForce Notebook (372.70 Win10 64-bit) driver

I had 375.70 and after installation of Nsight, the Nsight monitor did not connect.

So I installed 372.70 from the Nsight download page and reinstalled Nsight.
This time the Nsight monitor worked.

I compared the binaries of 372.70 of the Nsight page with the 372.70 of
and they are equal. So nothing special in the driver.

But as it did not work with 375.70, does Nsight depend on this specific version 372.70?

There is a specific section on this forum for Nsight VSE questions.

I upgraded my driver to 375.86 (released yesterday) and Nsight monitor still works.

I guess something went wrong on the upgrade of Nsight Visual Studio Edition installed by CUDA 8.0 toolkit to the latest 5-2-0-rc2.

So to answer my original question: Nsight does not depend on a specific version of the driver but the driver must be 372.70 or later.