Error: Nsight debug error driver detected 347.88


I have a GeForce GT 720M on my Asus Laptop with driver version 347.88 that installed from here

Version:	347.88  WHQL
Release Date:	2015.3.17
Operating System:	Windows 7 64-bit
Language:	English (US)
File Size:	294.82 MB

I was watching tutorial in here to write simple program by CUDA 10 in VS2017 C++ windows 7x64.
well, to debug my program I used Nsight->Start Graphics Debugging but error: Nsight driver detected version 347.88 but works with 410.63.
Q1: Can I install this newer driver? GeForce Experience says no driver updates exists!
Q2: Which version of CUDA I can use? I checked CUDA release dates and I think CUDA Toolkit 7.5 (Sept 2015) maybe suitable?
Q3: off course it may not support visual studio 2017? does it?

Q4: The program in that tutorial doesn’t run in my environment! cudaMallocManaged doesn’t allocate memory! or I think it did not run on GPU environment to make cudaMallocManaged work correctly. there is many factors to troubleshoot this problem so I have further Questions!

Q5: Can I develop for my Old GeForce GT 720M in CUDA10 env. ?
Q6: if not, Which version is supported?